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Diversity and Inclusion are (Rightly) the Latest Buzz in the Corporate World

A diverse group of professionals sitting around a table brainstorming ideas.

  Companies that are diverse and inclusive generally have happier employees and foster more innovation and engagement than companies that don’t have any policies around diversity and inclusion. The support for D&I initiatives began with ordinary workers, but nowadays, CEOs are embracing the idea, too. “As industry leaders, we are seizing the opportunity to help […]

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LGBT Groups Fear James Mattis Will Roll-Back Protections for Transgender Troops

A military service member salutes the rainbow LGBT flag.

In June 2016, Secretary of Defense Ash Carter lifted the ban against transgender troops serving in all branches of the U.S. Armed Forces. All military branches were given until July 1, 2017 to comply with the new policy. In theory, that means that in just a few short weeks, trans people interested in a military career […]

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This Saturday is the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble Concert

A rainbow flag with a music note on the front of it.

June is Pride Month in the United States and all across the country, LGBT activists are celebrating in a myriad of different ways. For more than 30 years, the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble, a 60-piece concert band of LGBT players and allies, have performed in June. This year, they will perform on June 10th, […]

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Ben & Jerry’s: No Same-Sex Marriage? No Same-Flavor Scoops

A photo of the outside of a Ben & Jerry's store.

  Ben & Jerry’s has taken a stand against Australia’s same-sex marriage ban. The ice cream manufacturer is banning same-flavor scoops in all 26 of its Australian locations until gay marriage is legalized. The announcement sent Twitter ablaze, with some claiming that Ben & Jerry’s ought to “stay out of politics.” Others commended the company […]

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Texas Bill Would Allow Adoption Agencies to Reject Applicants Based on Their Religion and Sexual Orientation

A child's drawing of a family with two dads.

  Yesterday, Texas’ Republican-controlled Senate passed a “religious refusal” bill that allows adoption agencies to turn away applicants who are single, LGBT, and/or non-Christian. It’s called the “Freedom to Serve Children Act,” but as National Field Director of the Human Rights Campaign Marty Rouse points out, it doesn’t serve children at all. “It is unconscionable […]

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Gruesome Murder of Transgender Woman Will Leave You Sick to Your Stomach

A bloody knife.

  Here at One Equal World, we’ve covered a great deal of transgender murder stories. However, never before have we come across a story so graphic and disturbing as this one. As such, we would like to warn readers that the details pertaining to this case are horrifying and downright abhorrent. In October 2014, 27-year-old […]

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Girls Who Code Gets Some Big-Name Backing

A female programmer typing away on her laptop.

  Girls Who Code, the groundbreaking nonprofit working to close the gender gap in technology, has just received backing from one of the biggest private equity firms in the world: KKR. KKR—founded in 1976 by partners Henry Kravis, Jerome Kohlberg, and George Roberts—manages over $90 billion in assets. The prosperous investment firm announced that they […]

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New Survey Reveals Just How Fearful Gay Immigrants Are About Coming Out

An illustration of the Statue of Liberty featured in rainbow colors.

Prior to 2015, there was only one survey of gay immigrants in America. Just one. And it only included nine people, all of which were Latino. It was far from comprehensive and it was far from useful. But that was the only resource that the Seattle Counseling Service could find when they were seeking information on what […]

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Outlast Youth Wants to Dramatically Reduce LGBT Homelessness in Dallas by 2020

A young homeless boy sitting on the street.

The official count of homeless people in Dallas, Texas as of March 2017 is over 3,500 people, with at least 1,000 of those unsheltered. But it’s difficult to get a good count; the homeless population is not a cooperative one to census. Which has been a problem for Dallas City Hall’s LGBT Task Force, who […]

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How Many of These Covert Acts of Racism Have You Experienced?

A close-up of an African American behind a fence.

  There’s an alarming number of Americans who believe racism no longer exists. But talk to any person of color and they’ll tell you that it certainly does. Part of the reason people believe that racism is no longer an issue is because blatant, overt acts of racism such as slavery and segregation have been […]

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