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Celebrating Governor Kate Brown

A photo of Oregon Governor Kate Brown.

  Kate Brown has been the governor of Oregon since February 2015, when she stepped up after the scandal-driven resignation of former Governor John Kitzhaber. Before that, she was Secretary of State. She stepped into a political mess, and handled matters with grace. She continued to prove her worth through a difficult two years. During […]

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Bisexual and Seeking Asylum: The Story of Ray Fuller

Image: Shutterstock

Jamaica, despite its mainstream reputation as a laid back, mellow vacation spot in the Caribbean, has a painfully common dark side—the island nation is well known as one of the most homophobic countries in the world. Which is why Ray Fuller, a bisexual 51-year-old man from Jamaica, came to America seeking safe asylum. Asylum on […]

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The Delight of Being A Complex and Passionate Bisexual

Bisexual people must be empowered to determine their own sexuality and their own experience of sexual attraction.

  There’s no course on figuring out your sexuality. There’s no Meyers-Briggs-type-test that churns out neat little paragraphs about where exactly you stand on that unpredictable spectrum. Life isn’t that convenient. If you’re still figuring things out at 25 or 55, congratulations, you’re exactly like the rest of us. If you’re bisexual, there are fewer […]

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