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Corporate Social Responsibility Has Become Attractive to Investors

A graphic titled "corporate social responsibility" that shows people connecting all over the world.

  Corporate social responsibility has become the buzzword of the decade, and with good reason. Many corporations large and small have begun to realize how important it is to give back to the communities that support them and to support causes that make life better for everyone. Private equity firm General Atlantic has been at […]

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Women Entrepreneurs Finding More Access to Startup Funding

A female businesswoman smiling into the camera.

  When Tory Burch started designing her fashion collection in 2004, she had no idea of the obstacles faced by women entrepreneurs as they attempt to get funding or support to grow their businesses. For example, it wasn’t until 2012 that Tory Burch received funding from private equity firm General Atlantic (in fact, General Atlantic’s […]

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CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion Takes Off Running

A man holding a business card that reads, "diversity & inclusion."

  On November 10, CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion held its inaugural meeting. Seventy of the more than 330 CEOs signed up for the initiative gathered to discuss advancing the diversity and inclusion agenda. Founded in June of 2017, CEO Action for Diversity & Inclusion addresses very real needs in the workplace—and with good […]

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Diversity and Inclusion are (Rightly) the Latest Buzz in the Corporate World

A diverse group of professionals sitting around a table brainstorming ideas.

  Companies that are diverse and inclusive generally have happier employees and foster more innovation and engagement than companies that don’t have any policies around diversity and inclusion. The support for D&I initiatives began with ordinary workers, but nowadays, CEOs are embracing the idea, too. “As industry leaders, we are seizing the opportunity to help […]

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Does Walmart Qualify as a Pro-LGBT Business?

A photo of a Walmart building shown from the outside.

  “Inconsistent” is the best word to describe Walmart’s politics. In 2015, the Arkansas-based company refrained from criticizing Arkansas Senate Bill 202, which prevented local governments from including LGBT people in anti-discrimination laws, until after the law passed. They also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to Republicans running for state office. Also in 2015, […]

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Creating Diversity in the Business World Starts with College Business Programs

Business schools and MBA programs feature programs and communities, which now welcome and support diversity.

  Increasingly, business schools are developing programs that favor diversity. They’re designed to introduce, engage, and empower students from backgrounds who have not been previously welcomed or supported in business education or the business world. Alumni of the leading business schools also support diversity in business education and the business world at large. Progressive practices […]

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Where Do Women Entrepreneurs Find Startup Funding?

Women entrepreneurs face bias when they seek Venture Capitalists interested in funding their startups.

Women are making waves politics, finance, and business. Hilary Clinton is running for President. Janet Yellen is Chair of the Federal Reserve System, Board of Governors. Elizabeth Warren, U.S. Senator from Massachusetts, is targeting corporate maleficence on Wall Street. It should go without saying that in a world where women have increasing prominence in politics […]

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Support LGBT Friendly Companies When Shopping For Holiday Gifts

Starbucks workers appear in LGBT Pride parades across the country. Management told homophobic shareholders to sell out and move on.

  It feels like every week, some company shows its LGBT colors. Here are a few companies that have shown their colors to be rainbow and supporting the LGBT community as employers or as community supporters and donors to supportive causes and initiatives. Some do it for profit, some for appearance but thankfully, some genuinely […]

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