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Creating Diversity in the Business World Starts with College Business Programs

Business schools and MBA programs feature programs and communities, which now welcome and support diversity.

  Increasingly, business schools are developing programs that favor diversity. They’re designed to introduce, engage, and empower students from backgrounds who have not been previously welcomed or supported in business education or the business world. Alumni of the leading business schools also support diversity in business education and the business world at large. Progressive practices […]

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The White House Supports Transgender Students Rights

Schools cannot require trans students to use separate restrooms or locker rooms when other students are not so required.

For decades, schools and states have tried to wiggle around the language of Title IX, the statute of the Education Amendments of 1972 that protects students and staff from discrimination based on sex in education at institutions that receive Federal funding. On Friday, May 13, the White House put its foot down about that wiggling, […]

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A Gay Couple Falls in Love in New Children’s Book, “Promised Land”

In Promised Land, an illustrated book for 5 to 10-year-olds, Prince Leo and Jack the Farm Boy fall in love—an affirming LGBT love story that’s already a big hit on Kickstarter.

  We may still be waiting for a lesbian Disney princess (or not, depending on your take on Elsa). Despite Disney’s slow progress many children’s books with same-sex couples are being published at a slow and steady rate. One of the latest children’s book with a prominent gay story line is Promised Land, by New […]

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School Is Safer For Teachers And Students Thanks To LGBT Liaison

Jared Fox is the first LGBT liaison in New York City’s the Department of Education. He wants to make school safe of LGBT teachers and students.

What Jared Fox wants most to do is to make sure that students don’t have to fear to go to school. That’s what his position as the new LGBT liaison for New York City Public School system amounts to—he consults with teachers and administrators to make sure that all students in the largest school district […]

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Trans Students Want School Systems To Respect Their Identity

Lavender Graduation is a cultural celebration that recognizes lesbian, gay, bi, trans, queer (LGBTQ) and allied students of all backgrounds. The ceremony acknowledges their achievements and contributions to the university as students who survived the college experience thanks to their activities and education at the University of Illinois.

Title IX, the federal law, meant to protect students against gender discrimination on campus, adopted protections for transgender students only two years ago, but it frequently gets held up as proof that LGBT students face no challenges or safety issues at school. However, that assumption is incorrect. Local governments, school boards, and school administrators need […]

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