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Gay Couple’s Twins: One Granted Citizenship, The Other Denied

A photo of a passport next to an official document titled "U.S. Citizenship and immigration services."

  Andrew Dvash-Banks met his husband Elad in Tel Aviv in the late 2000s, and they married in Canada before the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal across the U.S. They always planned for a family, and in 2016, a surrogate parent made that a possibility. They had twin boys: Aiden and Ethan were born […]

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Study Shows How Being Poor Is Bad For Your Health

A homeless camp.

  A recent study using rhesus monkeys has proven that those at the bottom of the social hierarchy suffer additional stress that translates to their immune systems functioning differently than higher-ranking members of the same group. When introduced to pathogens, the lower-ranking monkeys saw increased rates of inflammation, which can be helpful when fighting off […]

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Polygamy: The Next Big Fight in Equal Rights

A photo of a woman with two male partners.

  Merriam-Webster defines polygamy as being, “The state or practice of being married to more than one person at the same time.” Despite polygamy being a common practice back in ancient times, today it’s regarded as “immoral,” “promiscuous,” and even “sinful.” Here in the United States, it’s actually illegal to marry more than one partner. […]

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The Walking Dead Is One of the Most Diverse Shows on Television

A bloody sign that reads, "Beware of walkers."

  Whether you like zombies or not, you have to love a show that actively sets out to destroy racist, sexist, and homophobic stereotypes. The Walking Dead is an example of just that. The hit television series has done an outstanding job when it comes to giving marginalized people the positive representation they deserve. Let’s […]

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The LGBTQ+ Community Has Come a Long Way

An image of people holding a rainbow-colored arrow that is pointing upward.

  Often times, one can tell how successful a movement is just by looking at how aggressively its opponents keep fighting it. Throughout the U.S., there are groups and politicians who are relentlessly trying to limit the rights of the LGBTQ+ community. But those people are a minority; they’re louder than their numbers, and their […]

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New Jersey Denies Fertility Treatment to Lesbians

An image of a name tag that reads, "Hello, I am suing you."

  In what can only be described as a blatant act of discrimination, two lesbian couples from New Jersey were denied medical coverage for fertility treatments. Erin and Marianne Krupa’s medical provider, Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield, cited a 2001 state insurance mandate that requires women under 35 to have “two years of unprotected sexual […]

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The Decriminalization of Homosexuality in the U.K.

An animated British flag with a superimposed image of two stick figure men holding hands.

  The road to acceptance for LGBTQ+ people has been a long one, and the community still hasn’t reached the end of that road either. But there are a lot of landmarks along the road that are worth remembering. Many of those landmarks relate to gay men, who were among the earliest, most visible, and […]

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Just Me and Allah: A Queer Muslim Photo Project

A photograph of a Muslim man holding a rainbow colored sign that reads, "Allah Loves Equality."

Photo projects are a staple of the Internet as we know it today. From Humans of New York to Cake Wrecks to PostSecret, they’re a part of how art interacts with us every day. They create communities around themselves and reach out into every kind of social media. That’s the effect that Samra Habib, Toronto-based […]

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Internet Access Should be a Human Right

While it may seem totally revolutionary, the Internet is doing what media has always done. Like the printing press before it, the Internet makes information easier to store, access, and own. It’s just an upgraded version of books and newspapers, really. But that idea scares a lot of people, and throughout the world there are […]

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American Christians Believe They Face Significant Discrimination

As the last few years have illustrated quite clearly, there are a number of groups that face daily discrimination in America. Even when those groups make headway, such as the legalization of gay marriage throughout the country, new battles spring up in their place–like the “bathroom bills” that target transgender individuals or the wave of outspoken xenophobia that has […]

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