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New Documentary Explores the World of Queer Farmers

A group of gay cowboys hold hands in celebration of the LGBTQ Pride Parade in Chicago.

  There is likely no industry that does not have its share of LGBT practitioners. There are stereotypes, such as hairdressers, bartenders, performers, and artists. But beyond those, it’s simply truth that queer folk have every type of job one can have. It’s to bring awareness to this fact that Jonah Mossberg directed and shot […]

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Abandoned By His Parents, Gay Valedictorian Defies All Odds

A high school graduate raises his cap and diploma in celebration.

  Seth Owen graduated high school with a fist full of honors cords, a 4.61 GPA, the lofty title of valedictorian, and an acceptance letter to an Ivy-league school. He also graduated without a home. In February, just a few months before commencement, his parents gave him a choice: attend their church or move out. […]

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Massachusetts Bans Gay Conversion Therapy for Minors

A teenage boy being counseled by a female therapist.

  Gay conversion therapy, the practice of seeking to alter a person’s sexual orientation or gender identity usually through aversion techniques, is regarded as being somewhere between homeopathy and abusive by medical and mental health professionals. Studies from all over the world link the practice to increased suicide rates and depressive symptoms, especially in children […]

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Catholic School Rejects Gay Valedictorian’s Speech

A stack of books with a rosary laid on top.

  Christian Bales is 18, gay, and the valedictorian of Holy Cross High School in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. His school, a private Catholic school under the Diocese of Covington, couldn’t deny his academic achievement, but they made certain to pull him aside well before the day of commencement and remind him that graduation had a […]

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An Introduction to ‘Gay Days’ at Disneyland

A photo of Disneyland tourists posing in red "Gay Days" shirts.

  If you’re at Disneyland and the park seems unnaturally crowded—and you find yourself surrounded by red shirts—relax. It’s not a gang thing or a convention of unlucky Star Trek characters. It’s Gay Days. Gay Days is the largest unofficial event at the U.S. Disney resorts. Launched in 1991 by a group of LGBT friends […]

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New Zealand Clears Records of Men Convicted of Homosexuality

New Zealand's flag, pictured in rainbow colors.

  In New Zealand, homosexual activity between males was illegal until 1986. That’s recent enough that there are plenty of men alive today with convictions related to it, criminal records that follow them today, more than 30 years later. While records are incomplete, it’s estimated that the law was used to punish and shame as […]

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Washington Becomes 11th State to Ban Gay Conversion Therapy

A rainbow map of Washington state.

  On Thursday, March 29th, Washington became the 11th U.S. state to ban gay conversion therapy, a practice of “treating” people (usually minors) for homosexuality. “Conversion therapy is not so much therapy, it’s abuse, and we are today prohibiting the abuse of our children, conversion therapy, which has caused scars for decades across the country […]

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Gay Couple’s Twins: One Granted Citizenship, The Other Denied

A photo of a passport next to an official document titled "U.S. Citizenship and immigration services."

  Andrew Dvash-Banks met his husband Elad in Tel Aviv in the late 2000s, and they married in Canada before the Supreme Court declared same-sex marriage legal across the U.S. They always planned for a family, and in 2016, a surrogate parent made that a possibility. They had twin boys: Aiden and Ethan were born […]

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Gay Prince is Changing India’s Views on Homosexuality

A photo of Prince Manvendra Singh Gohil during a visit to Sydney, Australia in 2009.

  The Supreme Court of India is considering (for the third time) a new civil code which would legalize same-sex sexual activity and maybe even marriage. If it’s passed, the new code will replace the current code, which rules same-sex relations as being punishable by up to 10 years of imprisonment. In India, entrenched intolerance […]

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How Palm Springs Became One of the Gayest Cities in America

An image that reads, "Greetings from Palm Springs, California."

  Palm Springs, California is the third gayest city in America, according to the Williams Institute’s 2017 LGBT census. A rat pack city from the 1960s, Palm Springs gained a reputation for discretion. That reputation attracted queer vacationers, many of whom decided to make it their permanent home. In 2016, the city passed an ordinance […]

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