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Lawsuit Highlights Missouri’s Lack of Protections for LGBT Workers

A rainbow-colored map cut-out of the state of Missouri.

  Missouri is one of the majority of American states that lacks protections for LGBT citizens in employment or housing. Many people think that the fight for gay rights ended in 2015 with federal recognition of gay marriage. But all that means is that inviting your boss or your landlord is still a risk in […]

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Germany Is Failing Asylum Seekers

An elderly refugee woman from Afghanistan.

  The “refugee crisis” in Europe is something that we’ve been talking about for several years now. As ISIL ramps up activity in Syria and neighboring countries, millions of people have been fleeing to Europe, where they join refugees from other parts of the Middle East and Africa. There are so many people trying to […]

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ACLU Files Suit Against Mississippi Over Religious Liberty Law

Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant has denied same-sex couples their right to due process and their civil liberties.

Mississippi has passed a religious freedom law that will go into effect in July. Like all such laws, it is designed to punish LGBT people by allowing others to deny them services because serving hem violates their religious principles. In this case, the Protecting Freedom of Conscience from Government Discrimination Act, would let businesses deny […]

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LGBT Seniors Struggle with Visibility, Ageism, and Homophobia

LGBT seniors are often forced back into the closet when they need medical services or enter senior housing.

  The traditional view, even inside the community, is of LGBT matters as youth matters. Gay parents in commercials are the parents of young children, not of young adults. Gay storylines in movies are coming-of-age stories, and most gay characters in those stories die young and tragically. But queer youths grow up. And always have […]

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UN Issues Postage Stamps Supporting LGBT Equality

United Nations Free and Equal postage stamps promote LGBT equality around the world.

On February 4th, 2016, the United Nations released a set of six new stamps to promote UN Free & Equal, the ongoing UN push for LGBT equality. The stamps, featuring pictures of gay and lesbian couples, queer families, and a trans woman, are the first set on this topic issued by the UN Postal Administration. […]

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Gay Student Fears Prison If Forced Home To Malaysia

Hazim Ismail is seeking support for his tuition on Go Fund Me so he can stay in Canada. If returned to Malaysia he may be imprisoned for being gay and an atheist.

  Hazim Ismail came from Malaysia to Canada to attend the University of Winnipeg. He’s passionate about his psychology studies, and very much wants to complete his degree, like most students. But this student has more than the average obstacle course to run. Hazim is gay. In Malaysia, that’s still a criminal offense. Just this […]

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