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2018 New York LGBT Film Festival to Kick Off 10/24

Actors Sheila Munyiva and Samantha Mugatsia attend the photo-call for "Rafiki" during the 71st Cannes Film Festival on May 9, 2018.

  In 1989, the AIDS crisis was in full bloom. The government was finally addressing the epidemic with the creation of the National Commission on AIDS, but it remained a terrifying time to be gay. That year, the reported deaths due to AIDS reached 100,000 in the United States. In June of 1989, The New […]

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LGBT Representation in Marvel Comics vs. Movies

An illustration of Marvel comic book characters.

  The Marvel comics have had LGBT characters for decades. Northstar was the first major character to come out, in 1992 (though his creator, John Byrne, said he was gay from his 1979 origin but he couldn’t even hint at it through the ’80s due to the regime of editor Jim Shooter). Colossus, Wolverine, Nightcrawler, […]

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Fox News Commentator Compares Confederate Flag to LGBT Flag

A rainbow-colored Confederate flag.

  Yesterday, conservative commentator Star Parker made a guest appearance on “Fox & Friends.” What followed was an egregious comparison between the Confederate flag and the LGBT flag. “The same people that are demanding that the Confederate flag comes down are the same people that are insisting that the rainbow flag goes up,” Parker stated. […]

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Malta is Quickly Becoming One of the Most LGBT-Friendly Nations in the World

A happy female tourist at a Malta beach.

Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean, a little blip of land between Sicily and the Northern coast of Africa with a population smaller than that of Seattle. Traditionally Catholic, it only legalized divorce in 2011. But it has swept quickly towards the top of the list of LGBT-friendly nations, and in 2016, […]

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This Saturday is the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble Concert

A rainbow flag with a music note on the front of it.

June is Pride Month in the United States and all across the country, LGBT activists are celebrating in a myriad of different ways. For more than 30 years, the South Florida Pride Wind Ensemble, a 60-piece concert band of LGBT players and allies, have performed in June. This year, they will perform on June 10th, […]

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Celebrating the Rise of LGBT Ads

An advertisement from Zipcar that reads, "some of our best cars are gay."

  Lush, the chain of shops for known indulgent bath products, hasn’t had to advertise much in recent years. If you walk into a mall containing a shop, you know it immediately. The scent carries a blend of floral, fruity, and musky perfumes. So why did they debut a new advertising line for Valentine’s Day? […]

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LGBT Novels with Happy Endings

Rainbow-colored books stacked alongside one another.

  LGBT novels aren’t new to literature, but there are old trends that have been so pervasive that happy LGBT fiction seems almost to be a newborn genre. The gay man having to destroy his family to find his own new life. The lesbian who triumphs over rape and assault. The transgender teen whose death […]

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Elderly LGBTQ+ People Face Unique Problems

Two elderly, gay, shirtless men pose for a picture together.

  It can be easy to forget that the vanguard of the LGBTQ+ movement is getting old. Many of the earliest activists are looking into retirement homes and care facilities. While LGBTQ+ acceptance is growing every year, elderly people are among the most resistant to accept the community, and that’s beginning to cause problems for […]

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The Decriminalization of Homosexuality in the U.K.

An animated British flag with a superimposed image of two stick figure men holding hands.

  The road to acceptance for LGBTQ+ people has been a long one, and the community still hasn’t reached the end of that road either. But there are a lot of landmarks along the road that are worth remembering. Many of those landmarks relate to gay men, who were among the earliest, most visible, and […]

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U.S. Navy Ship to Be Named After Harvey Milk

A photo of a postage stamp with Harvey Milk's portrait on it. The photo is in black and white, aside from a small rainbow in the upper left-hand corner.

  Right on the heels of the announcement of the first LGBT National Monument comes another honor for the movement. On July 14, 2016, the U.S. Navy announced that a ship is to be named after gay rights icon, San Francisco City Supervisor and Korean War Navy veteran, Harvey Milk. Milk served as a diving […]

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