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Pope Francis: ‘There Is No Place’ For Gay Priests in Clergy

A photo of Pope Francis at a ceremony in the Vatican City.

  Pope Francis is often praised for being the most progressive pontiff of all time. And while it’s certainly true that he’s been a lot more open-minded than previous religious leaders, his latest comments show that the Catholic Church still has a long ways to go. During a four-hour interview with Spanish Missionary Fernando Prado, […]

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Here We Go Again With the Starbucks Cups

A photo of Starbucks' 2017 holiday-themed cup.

  It seems that criticizing Starbucks for the design of their holiday season cups is a new American tradition. It’s especially popular amongst far-right groups and the sort of “Christian” talking heads who call themselves oppressed while simultaneously enjoying paid time-off during their favorite religious holiday. This year’s cup features a variety of innocuous holiday-themed […]

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Glitter Ash Wednesday: A Symbol of Inclusion for LGBT Christians

A photo of a woman with ash spread across her forehead in the shape of a crucifix.

  Today is the first day of Lent, a Christian tradition in which followers of the faith give up a highly beloved possession or habit for 40 days in honor of of all that Jesus gave up during the 40 days he spent wandering the desert. Ash Wednesday, the first day of the season, is for […]

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LGBT Film Screened in Church

A photo of the inside of a church.

  40 years ago, two nuns, Ann and Marika Jane Savage-Lewis, were outed as being in a relationship by their local newspaper in their small Welsh town. It resulted in them being physically thrown out of their church and hounded out of town. Today, they get to tell their story in the short documentary “All […]

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A Resource for LGBT Mormons

The Temple of the Church of Latter-Day Saints, located in Salt Lake City, Utah.

  A year ago, Mormon church leaders released new guidelines for their parishioners: Mormons in same-sex marriages could be kicked out of the church and prohibited from baptizing their children. It even dictated that those children could not seek baptism as adults unless they repudiated their own parents. They confirmed that the church does not […]

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Reframing Biblical Views on the LGBTQ+ Community

A person holding up a sign that reads, "God loves gays." There is a rainbow in the background.

  For many in the LGBTQ+ community, seeing words like “pastor” or “Evangelical” in the same headline as “homosexuality” or “LGBT” can be triggering. After all, one can only read so many articles about anti-LGBTQ+ preachers or be told that one’s lifestyle is a sin before the default reaction is to get defensive. And we’re […]

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Gay Christians: An Oxymoron?

A photo of a woman with rainbow-painted hands holding a Bible and a crucifix.

  Ever since Pope Francis issued a public apology for the church’s treatment of gays, it’s sparked a lot of controversy in regards to religion and homosexuality. Among those controversies is the recent rise of Christians who identify as being gay. According to a 2014 Religious Landscape Study, 48% of LGB people identify themselves as […]

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Reform Judaism Adopts Sweeping Policies on Transgender Rights

Reform Judaism is leading the way on affirming transgender persons in all parts of their religious and social beliefs, practice, and social justice activities.

  In an overwhelmingly positive voice vote Reform Judaism embraced sweeping transgender rights policies. It’s the largest Jewish movement in the country and these are some of the most far-reaching policies adopted by a mainstream religious organization in the United States. The resolution includes cultural training for religious school staff, sermons concerning transgender issues, and […]

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Gay Vatican Priest Fired

Father John Joseph Reid and Father Lawrence Turner are Catholic priests that fell in love with each other and married in Massachusetts.

  While people consider Pope Francis to be relatively progressive, the Catholic Church remains conservative in many ways. Monsignor Krzyzstof Charamsa came out in newspaper interviews in Italy and Poland, where he is from, announcing that he was proud to be a gay man and that he was in a loving relationship with another man. […]

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