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Judge Grants Posthumous Marriage to Lesbian Couple

A sick elderly woman in a hospital bed. She is wearing a wedding band.

  Bonnie Foerster and Beverly Grossaint were together for 50 years, until death did them part. They met in 1968, and fell in love in an instant. Openly out in a time when it was risky to be, they shared the first pride parade in New York City in 1970, living together as wife and […]

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Cuba is Gearing up to Legalize Same-Sex Marriage

The Cuban flag as shown in rainbow colors, a symbol of same-sex marriage.

  Cuba has seen a lot of changes in the past decade. In 2006, Raúl Castro became president, succeeding his sick brother, Fidel. Under his leadership, the stringent rules of their brand of communism have been eased off. Private property is legal, as is self-employment (previously, the only legal employer was the state). A tourism […]

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EU’s Top Court Backs Residency Rights for Gay Couples

A rainbow flag placed next to the E.U. flag.

  For six years, Adrian Coman, a Romanian, and his American husband Claiborn Hamilton, have wrestled with bureaucrats and court systems to get their marriage recognized. Romania is one of six countries in the European Union that does not allow same-sex marriage. Deeply conservative, they only decriminalized male homosexuality in 2002. The two men had […]

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Former Miss America Winner Marries Longtime Girlfriend

Two women in white wedding gowns holding bouquets.

  Today, Deidre Downs, 38, is an OB/GYN at the University of Alabama Birmingham, where she was an exemplary student before her graduation and fellowship. An Echols Scholar, a Rhodes Scholar, and a magna cum laude graduate, Downs is an impressive individual. And in the middle of all of that, she attended university on a […]

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How to File Taxes as a Same-Sex Couple

A gay couple consulting with a tax expert.

  Credit Karma Tax, a personal finance site, polled around 150 users in March of this year to gauge their tax-savvy status, particularly in regards to how and what to file. The results showed a depth of ignorance that needs to be addressed in the queer community. Three out of four of those polled did […]

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Ben & Jerry’s: No Same-Sex Marriage? No Same-Flavor Scoops

A photo of the outside of a Ben & Jerry's store.

  Ben & Jerry’s has taken a stand against Australia’s same-sex marriage ban. The ice cream manufacturer is banning same-flavor scoops in all 26 of its Australian locations until gay marriage is legalized. The announcement sent Twitter ablaze, with some claiming that Ben & Jerry’s ought to “stay out of politics.” Others commended the company […]

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Aruba Legalizes Same-Sex Marriage

A photo of Palm Beach, Aruba.

  In 2001, the Netherlands were among the first of many nations to legalize same-sex marriage, opening all the protections and qualifications of marriage to any pair of consenting adults. It was celebrated world-wide in the LGBT community. But that ruling did not extend to any of the outlying autonomous territories that still belong to […]

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