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World’s First Transgender Minister is a Global Inspiration

A photo of Audrey Tang, the world's first transgender minister.

  Audrey Tang may very well be the world’s only transgender cabinet minister. Appointed in 2016 to the Chinese Lin Chaun cabinet in Taiwan, she is a minister without portfolio—or a minister who does not have a particular office but maintains a right to vote on ministry matters. A genius of the software world, her […]

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Trans-Inclusive Policies Do Not Increase Safety Risks, Study Shows

A trans-inclusive bathroom sign.

  A new study from the Williams Institute at the UCLA School of Law backs up what LGBT activists and people with common sense have been saying all along: policies allowing trans people to use public facilities aligned with their gender identity have no correlation with increased safety risks. “Opponents of public accommodations laws that […]

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Wisconsin Insurance Will Cover State Workers Seeking Transgender Treatment

A sheet of paper that's titled "Hormone Therapy." It is pictured alongside pills and a syringe.

  In 2016, Wisconsin’s Group Insurance Board (which controls the insurance programs for all of Wisconsin’s state and public workers plus those who have retired) voted to allow the inclusion of transition expenses in their insurance coverage. In February 2017, they reversed that, specifically banning that coverage. August 24, 2018, they flipped again. With a […]

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RuPaul Issues An Apology After Inflammatory Remarks

A photo of RuPaul.

  There’s always been controversy regarding drag. To some, it’s a revolutionary breakdown of gender roles. To others, it’s a vicious and unwelcome mockery of women, femininity, and particularly transgender women. It’s inflammatory by design, in many ways. RuPaul, of the long-running and critically acclaimed show RuPaul’s Drag Race, has been a part of this […]

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Andrea Jenkins is Paving The Way for Trans Women of Color

A photo of Andrea Jenkins, a black trans woman.

  The midterm elections this November have been a thrilling time for the LGBT community, who have gotten to watch queer nominees topple the opposition by popular vote. Of special note was Danica Roem, elected to Virginia’s state legislature over 13-term incumbent Robert “Chief Homophobe” Marshall. And on a smaller stage but every bit as […]

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Transgender Woman Elected into Virginia’s State Legislature

A photo of Danica Roem at the Protest Trans Military Ban in Washington, DC on July 26, 2017.

  A year ago, Danica Roem was a metal vocalist and a newspaper reporter in Prince William County, Virginia. Now, she is a state legislator for that state, setting two firsts. One, she is the first state legislator in the nation with multiple metal albums out. Her band Cab Ride Home has four albums out, […]

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Canadian Citizens Can Now Mark Their Gender as ‘X’ on Passports

A photo of a Canada passport.

  On Thursday, August 31, certain Canadian citizens will, for the first time, be able to accurately describe themselves on their passport. The Government of Canada is making history by allowing gender on a passport to be indicated with an X, rather than an F or M. And not only passports, but any immigration-related documents. […]

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Texas Bathroom Bill ‘Dead and Buried’

A shirt that reads, "You can pee next to me."

  “The bathroom bill in this session is dead and buried with dirt over its coffin.” That statement, made by Mark Jones (a Houston political science professor) is about as Texan as it gets. Jones was talking about about SB3/HB46. SB3 is the measure that would have made it law for individuals to only use […]

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Coast Guard Admiral Pledges Support for Trans Service Members

A photo of Admiral Paul Zukunft of the U.S. Coast Guard.

  The United States Coast Guard gets overlooked often when we’re talking about the Armed Forces. At only about 40,000 members, it’s less than a fifteenth the size of the Army, or a twelfth of the Navy. But they’ve made their voices heard this week, in the days after Trump’s abrupt tweet about banning transgender […]

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How Trump Turned His Back on the LGBTQ Community

Donald Trump shown from the back.

In a 2016 speech that cited the then-recent Pulse Nightclub shooting, Mr. Trump promised “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens.” Though he’d been courting the LGBTQ vote, on stage he seemed to have trouble remembering the acronym, and no wonder. Last week, he proved (and not for the first time) […]

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