Fox News Commentator Compares Confederate Flag to LGBT Flag

A rainbow-colored Confederate flag.

  Yesterday, conservative commentator Star Parker made a guest appearance on “Fox & Friends.” What followed was an egregious comparison between the Confederate flag and the LGBT flag. “The same people that are demanding that the Confederate flag comes down are the same people that are insisting that the rainbow flag goes up,” Parker stated. […]

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Art and the Immigrant Experience

Graffiti art of an immigrant woman and her young son.

  Being an immigrant is a fraught situation, particularly in this day and age. So it’s no surprise that many immigrants turn to art as a way of expressing their experiences and giving voice to their fears—and triumphs—as outsiders in their adopted communities. Several recent art shows have focused on these ideas through the mediums […]

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Coast Guard Admiral Pledges Support for Trans Service Members

A photo of Admiral Paul Zukunft of the U.S. Coast Guard.

  The United States Coast Guard gets overlooked often when we’re talking about the Armed Forces. At only about 40,000 members, it’s less than a fifteenth the size of the Army, or a twelfth of the Navy. But they’ve made their voices heard this week, in the days after Trump’s abrupt tweet about banning transgender […]

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How Trump Turned His Back on the LGBTQ Community

Donald Trump shown from the back.

In a 2016 speech that cited the then-recent Pulse Nightclub shooting, Mr. Trump promised “I will do everything in my power to protect our LGBTQ citizens.” Though he’d been courting the LGBTQ vote, on stage he seemed to have trouble remembering the acronym, and no wonder. Last week, he proved (and not for the first time) […]

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A History of Housing Discrimination Against Homosexual Couples

A homosexual couple embrace one another in front of their home.

Before the June 2015 decision to legalize gay marriage, there were still homosexual couples who lived together and pooled their incomes and owned homes. They existed across the country. But LGBT homeowners were at a massive disadvantage, with no access to the legal property protections of marriage, or to the tax benefits. Before legalization, homosexual […]

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TERFs Hurt Trans Women Even More Than Right-Wingers

A woman at a Pride festival wearing a shirt that reads, "TERFs are ugly."

  It seems like everyone is intent on erasing trans women’s identities and lives. If it’s not right-wing bathroom-bill crusaders, it’s the TERFs. In fact, TERFS—trans-exclusionary radical feminists—are the worst offenders. They’re the ones who should be most strongly advocating for trans people’s rights, but instead, they align themselves with right-wing agendas and in doing […]

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Warning: 6 Signs That You’re a Broflake

A man crying. A female psychiatrist has her hand on his shoulder.

  “Broflake” is a new term that’s being used to describe white men who are easily offended by anything pertaining to social equality. Famous broflakes include Rush Limbaugh, Alex Jones, and Richard Spencer. Some even consider Tomi Lahren to be a broflake, despite the fact that she’s a woman. If you think you may be […]

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Malta is Quickly Becoming One of the Most LGBT-Friendly Nations in the World

A happy female tourist at a Malta beach.

Malta is a small island nation in the Mediterranean, a little blip of land between Sicily and the Northern coast of Africa with a population smaller than that of Seattle. Traditionally Catholic, it only legalized divorce in 2011. But it has swept quickly towards the top of the list of LGBT-friendly nations, and in 2016, […]

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Female Led Relationships Are the Latest Craze. Here’s Why.

A beautiful brunette woman straddles a man in an aggressive manner.

  When it comes to gender roles, studies show that Americans are becoming far more accepting of non-traditional lifestyles. This is particularly true of Millennials, who are abandoning conventional customs in favor of more unique and unorthodox ways of living. As a result, we now live in a culture that is far more tolerant and […]

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A Look at the National Park Service’s LGBTQ Study

A photo of a National Park Service sign.

Sometimes valuable, inestimable data comes from an unexpected source. Such was the case in 2016 when the National Park Service, of all groups, released a 1,200 page, peer-reviewed study of LGBTQ American History. It is quite possibly the most complete, illuminating examination of queer themes available. The study, called LGBTQ America: A Theme Study of Lesbian, […]

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