Gay Men Don’t Get a Free Pass to Mistreat Women

A photo of three women holding a sign that reads, "injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere!"

  There is a simplistic view of gay men that, by dint of their being gay, they’re inherently not misogynists. That view crops up among gay men who use derogatory terms for women but defend it as okay because, after all, they’re gay. But that doesn’t make those terms any less painful for women, nor […]

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YouTube Accused of Discriminating Against LGBT Content Creators

YouTube's logo.

    People (though not many) are boycotting Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” over its blink-and-you’ll-miss-it gay moment. Church groups across the country called for boycotts of Disneyland when they made a point that Gay Days, if not officially a park feature, was welcome yearly. Anti-trans groups stole the story of a woman assaulted in […]

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29 States Still Don’t Have Laws That Protect Against LGBT Discrimination

The dictionary definition of discrimination.

If you ask Joe Streetwise about discrimination laws in the United States, he’d probably assume that sexual orientation and gender identity are already protected classes. But in 62% percent of the country, he’d be wrong. Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and its subsequent amendments is the federal law protecting persons against […]

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Wisconsin is Attacking Trans Rights

A modified version of the Gadsden flag. The background is an LGBT rainbow flag.

  The assault on trans rights that we all expected under Trump is already underway. Amidst all the other things that the current administration is doing that is worth our ire and concern, state governments are now taking matters into their own hands by diminishing the rights of citizens on their own. Wisconsin, for example, didn’t […]

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Where to Buy Gender Neutral Children’s Clothing

A gender neutral children's sweater.

  Children learn from a very young age what is expected of them based on their gender. Their young, impressionable minds are highly receptive to the gender stereotypes that exist within advertisements, books, toys, television shows, video games, and apparel. That’s why Courtney Hartman of Seattle decided to launch her very own gender neutral clothing […]

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Three Transgender Murders Within a Week

A photo of crime scene tape.

  Chyna Gibson was a dancer and entertainer in California, where she was well-liked and considered to be a calming influence among her friends. She was close with her family in Sacramento, but on a visit to New Orleans, on a night in late February when she had to cross the city nursing a tire […]

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Fighting Censorship in the United States

An image of a tongue with barbed wire around it.

  One of the most basic human rights is the right to information, specifically, to the truth. That’s why dictators are so dangerous; they strive to silence anyone who disagrees with them, even when presented with facts. While there is certainly room to debate any number of things, there is no room to debate climate change. […]

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Iran Jails British Woman, UK Government Fails to Pursue Her Release

A set of Iranian flags flying in front of the Tehran skyline.

  Iran’s Revolutionary Court is under fire for jailing a British woman who was in the country to visit her family. Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe went to Iran in April to see her family. Soon after, she was arrested for “attempting to overthrown the regime.” A laughable offense. Though Zaghari-Ratcliffe had taken part in protests in 2009, that […]

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Why Disney’s Decision to Make LeFou Gay Was Not a Wise Choice

Promotional poster for Disney's new Beauty and the Beast live-action film.

Disney is a juggernaut of media. They are literally too big to fail and can take whatever experimental steps forward they want to with relatively little risk. They did a good of taking a small step forward for LGBT youth quite recently, with their first queer kisses in the cartoon Star vs. the Forces of […]

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Germany Is Failing Asylum Seekers

An elderly refugee woman from Afghanistan.

  The “refugee crisis” in Europe is something that we’ve been talking about for several years now. As ISIL ramps up activity in Syria and neighboring countries, millions of people have been fleeing to Europe, where they join refugees from other parts of the Middle East and Africa. There are so many people trying to […]

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