Breaking Up the Boys’ Club: Lindsey Vonn to Race Against Men?

A photo of Lindsey Vonn (USA) after taking first place for the women's downhill race at the 2016 Audi FIS Alpine Ski World Cup.

  US Ski Team member Lindsey Vonn has proposed to the International Ski Federation (FIS) that she be allowed to race against men in a 2018-19 downhill race. While her request has been temporarily tabled, many are saying it will ultimately have a positive outcome. Vonn, a well-known competitor who will be among those to […]

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A Critique of the New Season of ‘Will & Grace’

The cast of "Will & Grace" kick off the 2017 season at Universal Studios.

  Will & Grace, the early 2000s sitcom about how gay people (well, affluent white gay men) are just normal people living normal lives, is back on air. The producers have erased the show’s 2006 finale as “just a dream” and stepped back into the lives of Will, Grace, Jack, and Karen as if we […]

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Honoring the Legacy of Edith Windsor

Edith "Edie" Windsor at the 43rd Annual Pride Parade in New York. She is wearing a rainbow sash.

  “The world lost a tiny but tough-as-nails fighter for freedom, justice, and equality,” said Judith Kasen-Windsor, wife of activist Edith Windsor, announcing her death on Tuesday, September 12th. “Edie was the light of my life.” Edith Windsor’s light touched many, many lives. It was her 2013 case against the Defense of Marriage act which […]

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This Art Exhibition is Changing Asian Attitudes on LGBT Issues

A group of LGBT activists march through the streets with a sign that reads, "Queer Asian youth."

  The LGBT community in Asia has made strides forward alongside the rest of the world, but there are still unique struggles there. In the subcontinent, Muslim nations place low or negative priorities on LGBT protections. In China and Singapore, free speech restrictions are often used heavily against LGBT content, especially if it has a […]

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How to Talk to Your Kids About Homosexuality

Two gay dads read to their two children in bed.

  As LGBT issues rise to the forefront of socio-political issues, it’s only a matter of time before your child begins to ask questions about homosexuality. As a parent, it’s your responsibility to make sure that those questions are answered honestly, respectfully, and in a way that your child will understand. Below are some suggestions […]

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The Death of Kenneka Jenkins Highlights Our Sexist Culture

A photo of crime scene tape with blurred figures in the background.

  On Sunday, September 10, 2017, a 19-year-old Chicago woman by the name of Kenneka Jenkins was found dead inside a hotel walk-in freezer. The police department initially ruled her death an accidental suicide, but social media users point to a Facebook Live video as evidence of foul play. Among the many theories that have […]

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Using Art as a Form of Resistance

A raised fist, symbolic of the resistance movement, featured in vibrant rainbow colors.

  Now more than ever, the creative world is showcasing its best when it comes to fighting injustice and performing acts of resistance. Artists are increasingly using their work to explore questions of politics, justice, ethnicity, and race. Whether it’s Angélica Maria Millán Lazon’s feminist declarations, CVLLEJERX’s statements about cultural diaspora, or the experiences of undocumented […]

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Canadian Citizens Can Now Mark Their Gender as ‘X’ on Passports

A photo of a Canada passport.

  On Thursday, August 31, certain Canadian citizens will, for the first time, be able to accurately describe themselves on their passport. The Government of Canada is making history by allowing gender on a passport to be indicated with an X, rather than an F or M. And not only passports, but any immigration-related documents. […]

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Texas Men Used Grindr to Target Gay Men for Hate Crimes

Two men from Texas have pleaded guilty to hate crimes; they used Grindr to target gay men, then assault and rob them.

Two men from Dallas, Texas, have pleaded guilty to the hate crimes of targeting gay men to rob and assault in a chain of home invasions. The perpetrators, four in total (two are still awaiting trial) used the queer-oriented dating app Grindr to select and contact victims. In four incidents with separate victims, pretending to […]

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Texas Bathroom Bill ‘Dead and Buried’

A shirt that reads, "You can pee next to me."

  “The bathroom bill in this session is dead and buried with dirt over its coffin.” That statement, made by Mark Jones (a Houston political science professor) is about as Texan as it gets. Jones was talking about about SB3/HB46. SB3 is the measure that would have made it law for individuals to only use […]

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