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Pope Francis: ‘There Is No Place’ For Gay Priests in Clergy

A photo of Pope Francis at a ceremony in the Vatican City.

  Pope Francis is often praised for being the most progressive pontiff of all time. And while it’s certainly true that he’s been a lot more open-minded than previous religious leaders, his latest comments show that the Catholic Church still has a long ways to go. During a four-hour interview with Spanish Missionary Fernando Prado, […]

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Catholic School Rejects Gay Valedictorian’s Speech

A stack of books with a rosary laid on top.

  Christian Bales is 18, gay, and the valedictorian of Holy Cross High School in Crestview Hills, Kentucky. His school, a private Catholic school under the Diocese of Covington, couldn’t deny his academic achievement, but they made certain to pull him aside well before the day of commencement and remind him that graduation had a […]

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Gay Vatican Priest Fired

Father John Joseph Reid and Father Lawrence Turner are Catholic priests that fell in love with each other and married in Massachusetts.

  While people consider Pope Francis to be relatively progressive, the Catholic Church remains conservative in many ways. Monsignor Krzyzstof Charamsa came out in newspaper interviews in Italy and Poland, where he is from, announcing that he was proud to be a gay man and that he was in a loving relationship with another man. […]

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Leaders to an Equal World: Anne Hathaway

Anne Hathaway

It’s amazing what love for another person will drive someone to do. In some cases it’s give up a career or dream. In other cases someone may move across the ocean. In Anne Hathaway’s case, it was leaving her religion. After being raised in a Catholic environment and committing to the religion, Hathaway made a […]

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