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Rising Talents Initiative Shines a Spotlight on Female Leadership

A businesswoman steps forward in a line of businessmen, signifying female leadership.

  For most of history, the accomplishments of women have been discounted, downplayed, and overlooked. But thanks to a newfound emphasis on diversity and inclusion, female leaders are finally getting the recognition they deserve. An increasing amount of initiatives aimed at honoring the achievements of female innovators is proof that times are changing. Take, for […]

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More Healthcare Options on the Horizon for Trans Men and Women

A rally in Washington, DC in support of equal healthcare and civil rights for trans people.

In a world that has long denied their identities and even their existence, the medical community and society is now progressing toward inclusive healthcare options for transgendered people. This week, grocery chain Kroger announced that it would offer full coverage for trans-related procedures to its staff of almost 400,000 employees. Kroger’s move is a good […]

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U.N. Holds Hearing on Rights of Intersex Individuals

Intersex activists in Taiwan celebrate their identity.

Recently, the United Nations held its first ever hearing to address human rights violations against intersex people. The term intersex refers to people who are born with ambiguous genitalia or other sex characteristics that prevent them from neatly fitting into the categories of “male” or “female.” Estimates state that about 1 in 2,000 people are […]

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Where are all of the best female chefs?


Food & Wine Magazine’s July 2013 issue is hot off the press. Its cover features sprawling text that boasts, “Meet America’s Most Exciting New Talent: Best New Chefs,” under which the bright eyed and beaming faces of said chefs smile proudly up at you. At first glance, you, a foodie aficionado, are thrilled to begin […]

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Oregon’s Multnomah County Requires Gender-Neutral Bathrooms

gender neutral bathroom

Have you ever been confronted in a public restroom, asked to provide identification for yourself, or threatened with violence, taunting, and hateful words? For some, this kind of interaction with other patrons of public bathrooms is common, a troubling fact that perpetuates fear surrounding the very normal (and necessary) routine of using a restroom. For […]

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