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Pope Francis: ‘There Is No Place’ For Gay Priests in Clergy

A photo of Pope Francis at a ceremony in the Vatican City.

  Pope Francis is often praised for being the most progressive pontiff of all time. And while it’s certainly true that he’s been a lot more open-minded than previous religious leaders, his latest comments show that the Catholic Church still has a long ways to go. During a four-hour interview with Spanish Missionary Fernando Prado, […]

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Russian Teen Says He’ll Continue to Protest Russia’s Anti-Gay Laws

Activists in London protest Russia's anti-gay laws.

  On August 7th, Maxim Neverov, a 16-year-old student from Biysk, Russia, was summoned to the police station, where he was arrested and charged with violating Russia’s “gay propaganda” law. Neverov is reportedly the first minor to be charged since the law’s passing in 2013, but thousands of adults have been caught and fined by […]

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The Decriminalization of Homosexuality in the U.K.

An animated British flag with a superimposed image of two stick figure men holding hands.

  The road to acceptance for LGBTQ+ people has been a long one, and the community still hasn’t reached the end of that road either. But there are a lot of landmarks along the road that are worth remembering. Many of those landmarks relate to gay men, who were among the earliest, most visible, and […]

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Mark Hamill Is Okay With Luke Skywalker Being Gay

Mark Hamill at New Your Comic Con 2011 with the creative team from NEW-GEN.

  “If you think Luke is gay, of course he is,” said Mark Hamill, in an interview with The Sun. That sentence doesn’t look like a big deal, but it’s a big deal. Anyone who’s been in the Star Wars corner of nerdom for a while might remember that LucasArts’s former stance on homosexuality was […]

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U.S. Report: “Conversion Therapy Must End”

Spoken word poet Joanna Hoffman performs at the 10th Youth Pride Day Festival at Rock Creek Park in Washington DC. A United States government report conversion therapy—efforts to “convert” LGBT youth to heterosexuality—must stop.

A United States government report, backed by the Obama administration, says that the practice of “conversion therapy”—efforts to “convert” LGBT youth to heterosexuality—must stop. The therapy is dangerous and poses significant risk and harm to LGBT-identified youth and should be banned. “We believe that conversion therapy for young people is not in their best interest, […]

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Doritos Launches Rainbow Colored Chips

It Gets Better Rainbow Colored Doritos

Doritos is causing a commotion with it’s new rainbow color corn chips they just launched this week to support gay and lesbian teens. These new chips aren’t available in store and will only be mailed to people who donate at a minimum of $10 to the It Gets Better Project, which supports those gay and […]

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Exodus International to Shut Down after 37 Years of ‘Curing Homosexuality’

exodus international

After more than three decades of offering Christian-based support and aid to those who wish to be cured of their same-sex attraction, Exodus International has released a statement that it will close its doors. The organization has grown to include over 200 ministries since 1976, all of which offer “reparative therapy” such as counseling and […]

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“Gender Bender Day” Sparks Controversy, Reveals Transphobia

Gender Bender Day sparked controversy among parents.

All across the country, many schools participate in annual “spirit weeks” to encourage leadership, teamwork, and fun amongst classes and grade levels. During these events, it is common for each day of “spirit week” to have a theme in which students dress up and win points for class participation. Themes can include anything from “color […]

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Stacey Campfield Strikes Again: “Classroom Protection Act”

gay ban

Stacey Campfield is out to ruin every LGBT person’s day. The Tennessee senator is infamous for his repeatedly proposed “Don’t Say Gay” bill, which at one point sought to ban discussion of any sexuality other than heterosexuality in schools through the eighth grade. Campfield’s at it again with his latest proposal: the “Classroom Protection Act,” […]

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