LGBTQ Texans No Longer Safe from Discrimination in Governor’s New Social Worker Code

Currently, this is the language in the code of conduct for Texan social workers defining illegal discrimination: “A social worker shall not refuse to perform any act or service for which the person is licensed solely on the basis of a client's age; gender; race;...

Hungary’s Prime Minister Tears up Diverse Children’s Book, Calls it ‘Filth’

On September 25, the deputy leader of one of Hungary's major political party stood on stage at a press conference and tore a children's book page by page into confetti, calling it “filth” and “propaganda.” Why? Because it had a brown Snow White rescued by a princess....

The U.K.’s New Sex Ed Guidelines Are a “Landmark Step Forward”

The U.K.’s new inclusive sex ed guidelines will teach students about developing healthy relationships, safe sexual practices, consent, and online safety.


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Italy Close to Finalizing Hate Crime Law

In September this year in Naples, Maria Gaglione, 22, was murdered by her brother for dating a transgender man. In June in Pescara, two men were violently attacked and beaten by a gang for holding hands. Two men living together in Rome had their apartment invaded and...

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Sarah McBride Becomes First Transgender State Senator

Sarah McBride Becomes First Transgender State Senator

In 2013, the state of Delaware passed Bill SB 97, which “prohibited discrimination on the basis of actual or perceived gender identity in employment, housing, public accommodations, and other areas.” (source) They were the 18th U.S. state to do so, and only 21 states...

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